26 March 2014

Being Boo

Southeast of Stockholm there’s a football club called Boo FF. Imagine the chants at home games Orient fans.

Russell Slade was angry after the 1-1 draw against Oldham yesterday. The late equaliser one reason to be fuming but most of all he was mad for being booed at full time. I think it’s OK to show emotions, but manager and supporters both could do with a bit of, think before you speak, humble pie.

There are definitely times when teams deserve to be booed off the pitch. Yesterday was not one of those moments. Even more frequent are the occasions when fans deserve criticism for what they perceive as support. A manager should defend his team but also realise that a stand of supporters has a pretty low combined IQ. It cannot be argued with in any usable fashion. Just don’t go there Russell.

If you fall into the supporter category that have trouble seeing the whole picture and need instant gratification. The option to project your disappointment onto somebody, or something else. Well then, make Boo FF your team of choice. Win or lose you still get to boo. Always go home happy, proudly flying the burgundy and black of Boo.

Orient threw away two points yesterday. That’s my opinion. If you disagree it’s fine to argue with me. You may not boo. Because even though the effort was less than stellar it wasn’t indifferent or bad enough to warrant jeering. Orient should have put the game out of sight during the first 30 minutes of the second half. But our attackers are far from deadly at the moment. Lisbie cannot hit the target. Mooney can but opts for spectacular and fails. Dagnall and Simpson are the terrible twins at the moment. A for effort, F for finishing. The only reason to pick Chris ahead of Robbie is that the former has a better historical goal scoring record. That’s how I pick my teams anyway.

Until automatic promotion is truly impossible, as in: We cannot finish in the top two! I call bullshit on your schemes to rest players in preparation for the playoffs. Slade should field his best starting eleven from those fit. Fight to the finish. Charge of the light brigade. If you think this Orient team cannot surprise us you haven’t been paying much attention during the last year or so.

Seven games to go. It may end in the playoffs. Whatever. Stand up for the Orient. Cheering all the way. Save the negative stuff for a cold rainy day in November. Sharing an away end with 25 other Orient fans watching the team being dumped out of the Johnstone’s Paint by Bury. The score line 0-4 with 20 minutes to go. Then you can moan. But only then!

On my way to work this morning I passed a redhead that smelled like candy. Boooo!

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