3 October 2014

It's A Circus

It’s a circus, and it doesn’t matter if you sit in the audience or stand with the performers. That’s what it looks like for anyone lifting the tent flap and looking in from the outside.

Let’s make this clear from the beginning. I’m in the stands with the fans. Looking into the circus ring. I can understand why some may want to side with the owners in this case, because admit it, who hasn’t at one time or another wanted to run away with the circus? Well you sure are standing with the clowns this time.
Becchetti rules!
Before you run up to me and try to give me a piece of your mind, remember - your pants are huge, your shoes enormous and you have silly face paint.

But here are my reasons for thinking as I am.

* The press conference at the take-over. There was talk about getting the new management to blend it with those already at the club. Everybody wanted success but there was no definite time-limit.
* The interview with Milanese the same week as the Colchester game where he stresses, the pressure to win promotion is on other clubs. He says his relationship with Slade is very good. When it comes to Becchetti they speak regularly about club matters.
* In his programme notes at the Sheffield U game Becchetti admitted things were said after the Colchester game. Even if he was misunderstood, why do something like that right after the game? Emotions run high on all sides. Better to wait until the next day when you have had time to reflect on events.
* When Cardiff asked about Slade, why turn them down if you just days earlier have expressed doubts about him doing his job properly.
* Matt Porter leaving the board. If it was true that his tenure was temporary in nature. Why would he have accepted a place at the Football League board in June? Why if his involvement in Orient only had at most six months left.

I agree that when you try to express your opinion in a second language you always risk coming across differently than what you wished for. If it’s in a new field, something you haven’t been involved in before, then it’s even more important to ask for assistance from people around you with more experience. If you look at the programme notes, the club statements it’s pretty obvious this hasn’t been done.

If you’re the circus manager and you want the crowd to cheer at you and your show. A few things really matter. One, do what you say on the posters. Don’t advertise the greatest show on earth and give us amateur night. Two, trust your performers. Introduce them and then watch them perform. Don’t stay and shout criticism at them during the show. It won’t help things.

For the benefit of Leyton Orient FC it’s time for Francesco to step away from the clowns and pull on the emcee suit and be the guy he said he was when he bought the circus at Brisbane Road. There is no better time than now!

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